skinny girl in transit



skinny girl in transit
Skinny Girl In Transit Pic Credit:

So I just finished a binge of all 4 episodes of Skinny Girl In Transit and all I can say is WHAT A WAWU! Ehn ehn before you all come for me and start saying stale gist, leave me! Its not bad na and at least I am now all caught up!!

That being said, here are a few of my opinions on the series that I have come to love with all my heart

  1. The script is so real! –

    The script and story line reflects reality to the T and its refreshing for me to watch that even though it is a work of fiction, it is based on something genuine – the travails of a plus size lady trying to find love in these present times and the hilarity of the whole experience.

  2. The characters are genuine and simply adorable:

    From Tiwa the mail character right down to silly Wosilat the maid, every character was developed with a real sense of truth in mind. What i mean is that the actors bring their characters to life in very understandable and memorable ways that leave you with a sense of ”Hmmm i know someone like that”  or even with a sense of ‘Wait a minute, that’s me’

  3. Almost every Nigerian girl has an ‘Iya Tiwa’ in her life:

    Whether you are yoruba, igbo, hausa, efik or tiv, we all have that mother or older aunt or elder sister or even a neighbour that has a quirk similar to the many faces of Iya Tiwa. Whether the prayer sessions or the visions or the drama and lets not even forget the yabs that she dishes out on a steady. They are a part of our lives and we love to hate them don’t we?

    skinny girl in transit
    Wosi KomKom! Pic Credit:
  4. It offers real and (OR possible) applicable solutions for any one in similar situations

    Lets face it, I am very sure we would agree that the reason the series was famous was because it offered many people the chance to actually think through their own similar personal experiences. How many of us actually started to talk to ourselves the same way that the main character Tiwa would glance away momentarily and pass a side comment? I did that’s for sure and it is no different from self talk.  Lets not even talk about the improved levels of self confidence many people would have garnered in the course of the seasons.

  5. Will there be a Season 5?!!!

    Last but not least, I am wondering if there will be another season. I mean, yes, the character lost weight, her confidence is solid, she found love, she got THE RING and she is due to get married but I feel there is so much more that is yet to be explored. For example, Iya Tiwa’s adventure into Aso Ebi selections, Salewa  and Mohammed’s relationship and the religious aspect, the planning of the wedding gangan and left to me, the faces of the exes when the news of our favourite plus size OAP’s engagement hits the vines.

In all, even if this is where the series ends, it was a wonderful journey filled with eye opening truths, possible solutions, self realisations and a whole lot of laughter. Mide’s jealousy was a beautiful to watch (Ayoola’s singing at the Karaoke was a blast from Project Fame past) and DeDe was just so funny to watch (typical of Bisola to add her unique touch to comedy).

Thank you Abimbola Craig, I eagerly await your next piece of work.


skinny girl in transit
Skinny Girl In Transit Pic Credit:


If you want to have the same experience, here’s the links to Season 1 Episode 1, from this point on, go forth! Enjot






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