The best kind of mail is book mail especially of when it’s a new release. It was a long wait but I finally got my copy!

I have been following Suyi Okungbowa for a while now, getting writing tips from him and subscribing to his newsletter in order to follow through on someone who’s writing had piqued my interest since I met him at an edition of the Sparkle Writers Brunch.

I am also a lover of all things paranormal, myths and legends, of everything gods and goddesses and lore. I am captivated by it all so when he announced the pending (as at that time) release of his book, I joined in the count down.

Finally, and in 3 short days, I read the book and I am not disappointed.

david mogo 2.jpg


Nigerian God-Punk – a powerful and atmospheric urban fantasy set in Lagos.
The gods have fallen to earth in their thousands, and chaos reigns.
Though broken and leaderless, the city endures.
David Mogo, demigod, and godhunter has one task: capture two of the most powerful gods in the city and deliver them to the wizard gangster Lukmon Ajala.
No problem, right?

Ghen-ghen. Can you even harbor the thought of gods raining down on the already chaotic city that is Lagos? Imagine seeing those falling “stars” when you are stuck in traffic on the 3rd Mainland bridge or while trying to price fish in Oyingbo market.

What would it be like when suddenly the likes of Sango, Oya, Osun, Olokun, Esu, Sapona, etc were to suddenly have to walk the streets of Ahmadu Bello or Adeniran Ogunsanya? How would we live? What manner of chaos will be unleashed?

David tells this story and takes us into all that is happening around him. He is the hero who has to fight for the city he loves even if it means to death. We are plunged right into the action as it were: the gods have fallen, Lagos is in a mess, basic amenities are lacking (even worse than it is right now?), the struggle for survival is already on.

AGANJU Picture Source:

He is joined by his foster father, a wizard; his mother, a goddess; the Ibeji gods, Taiwo and Kehinde; a teenage girl Fati, as well as a host of other colourful characters who must all band together despite their differences, to face Aganju and his own band of Fiery gods who are bent on molding Lagos into their new home at all cost.

Sango Picture source:

Suyi explored the whole ‘dystopian Lagos’ idea to the fullest, bringing us a beautiful expository tale of life after the fall of the gods of the Yoruba Pantheon and descent into chaos. Many of the descriptions will be familiar to Lagosians and Nigerians on a whole and it was nice reading the familiar descriptions of a derelict Lagos city. I found it funny to imagine an abandoned Balogun Market, or a run down Division 81 Barracks not to even talk about 3rd mainland bridge being ripped into two!

It was, therefore, no surprise that I was done in so short a time and left wishing for more.

The book is on a constant repeat for me and an inspiration for my own myth-based novel. Pick up a copy from Roving Heights or any other store that may be selling it and if you have read it, please drop a comment. I would love to hear your view.

Tajmao out!

PS: I am wondering how awesome this would be as a movie. What do you think?


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